Saving Hose Guides



Technical Features:

Saving Hose Guides protect high pressure hoses against manhole sharp edge avoiding  frictions, bursting and peeling of it. This Device permits a fluent advancement of hose inside pipe during cleaning operations.

Saving Hose Guide is an essential and safety device equipment to be used.

A proper use of saving guide reduces hose bursting and increases its life time.

Upper & Lower Saving Hose Guides
Part n.DescriptionDimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
icona peso
 21500.02Upper Saving Hose Guide 600x2503,00
 21500.03Lower Saving Hose Guide 350x3503,30
 21500.04Shaft L=1mmØ20x10003,80
 21500.05Kit 1xUpper +1xLower+2x Shaft  -----------3,90

Upper Saving Hose Guide has to be fixed on lateral sides of manhole; Lower one, has to be placed on the inner bottom part of manhole by 2 shafts (see photo).


Curved Saving Hose Guides
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Dimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
icona peso
21500.02Saving Curved Lower Guide 1/2"400x1602,20
 21500.03Saving Curved Lower Guide 3/4" - 1"430x1702,70
 21500.04Saving Curved Lower Guide 1" - 1 1/4"510x1803,10
21500.05Saving Curved Lower Guide1"1/4" - 1 1/2"510x1803,10

Curved Saving Hose Guide has to be placed on the inner lower part of manhole.

Tiger Protection Hose
Part n.DescriptionDNDimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
21500.10Tiger Hose3” for ¾” -1” hoses75(inner) x 900
Supplied with 2mts polyethylene rope and collar for easily installation and removal.

Extremely Flexible Tiger hose is a device used to protect high pressure sewer hose against manhole edges, avoiding  frictions,bursting and peeling of it.

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