Non Inflammable Brass Nozzles


Technical Features:

Here below list of some nozzles we made in brass material. These nozzles are suitable for cleaning pipes which have inside inflammable liquid avoiding danger of fire spark. On demand and according to MOQ, it’ possible to produce range nozzles in brass material.

  • Explosion-proof, fire hazard, inflammable jobs


Non Inflammable Brass Nozzles
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Rear jets
icona rear
Front jet
icona front
15140.04OET 4 High Efficiency1"F8 - 1/4"M S/S with Ceramic pill inside----
15140.05OET 4 High Efficiency1"1/4" F8 - 1/4"M S/S with Ceramic pill inside----
New13840.11Cover Hose Bushing1/2"--------
New13840.12Cover Hose Bushing3/4"--------
New13840.13Cover Hose Bushing1"--------
13125.01ORound Head1/2"F6-8 Drilled1 - M6x8
13126.01ORound Head1/2"M6-8 Drilled1 - M6x8
13127.01ORound Head3/4"F6-8 Drilled1 - M6x8
13128.01ORound Head1"F6-8 Drilled1 - M6x8
12351.01OOvoidal1/2"M6 - M6x8 S/S1 - M6x8
12352.01OOvoidal1/2"F6 - M6x8 S/S1 - M6x8
12353.01OOvoidal3/4" F6 - M6x8 S/S1 - M6x8
12354.01OOvoidal1"F6 - M6x8 S/S1 - M6x8
12351.01OCOvoidal1/2"M6 - M6x8 Ceramic1 - M6x8
12352.01OCOvoidal1/2"F6 - M6x8 Ceramic1 - M6x8
12353.01OCOvoidal3/4" F6 - M6x8 Ceramic1 - M6x8
12354.01OCOvoidal1"F6 - M6x8 Ceramic1 - M6x8
 15170.02O ET7 External Launch1/2"F----Drilled Ø 3-4-5-6-7mm

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