Non Inflammable Big Bronze Nozzle


Technical Features:

Big nozzle 1″F  made in bronze material, supplied with 16 inner ¼”M ceramic inserts.

Thanks to its bronze building material and mix of different inclination jets, this nozzle is excellent  for cleaning inner tanks which have inside inflammable liquids such as fuel.

Using this nozzle it’ s possible to completely washing tanks avoiding danger of fire spark.

  • Material: bronze
  • Holes nr. : 16 (6 x rear +6 x radial+4 x front)
  • Jets angle: 30°/90 15°/0° 20°
  • Max Pressure: 100-250 bar
  • Flow: 280 – 500 lt
  •  Cleaning of Tanks full of inflammable liquids (ex. fuel)
  •  Explosion-proof,fire hazard, inflammable jobs


Big Bronze Nozzle
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Rear jets
icona rear
Radial & Front jets
icona front
Dimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
icona peso
Diameter Pipe (mm)
icona diametro
12330.01B  Big Bronze Nozzle  1"F 6x 1/4"M 30°Radial 3x1/4”M 90° + 3x1/4”M 15°100x20010,00150 - 800
Front 1x1/4”M 0° + 3x1/4”20°

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