Heavy Duty Sledge Nozzle



Technical Features:

Sledge Shape let to do not sink into mud and overtake sediments and obstacles.Double inclination jets oriented to the downside and lateral sides of the pipe perfectly wash and clean it.Nozzles suitable for cleaning large and long flat bottom pipes.Sledge Nozzles are available in 2 versions: 8 jets and 11 jets and supplied with M10x1mm (8 Jets) and 1/4″M (11 Jets).

  • Material: high quality steel alloy
  • Jets angle: see schedule
  • Pressure: min 150 bar max 300 bar
  • Note: to be used with swivel joint in order to avoid twisting of the hose.
  • Removing and washing out of sediments in flat bottom pipes
  • Mud, soil, stones, sludge and sand


Heavy Duty Sledge Nozzles with Ceramic Inserts
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Rear jets
icona rear
Jets Angle
icona front
Dimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
icona peso
Diameter Pipe (mm)
icona diametro
12500.01CSledge Nozzle1"F8 - M10x10°/5°/20°380x160x15013300 - 1000
12500.02CSledge Nozzle1" 1/4"F8 - M10x10°/5°/20°380x160x15013300 - 1000
12510.01CSledge Nozzle1"F11 - 1/4"M0°/5°/20°480x200x18522400 - 3000
12510.02CSledge Nozzle1" 1/4"F11 - 1/4"M0°/5°/20°480x200x18522400 - 3000
Possibility to increase weight as follows:
12500.01/12501.02 from 12 Kg up to 20 Kg
12510.01/12511.02 from 22 Kg up to 30 Kg

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