ET1 High Efficiency Nozzle 20°



Technical Features:

Thanks to its rear 20° angle jet, this nozzle is excellent for applications which need a strong thrust inside high vertical columns.

  • Material: tempered and polished  stainless/steel
  • Holes nr: 6
  • Jets angle: 20° rear jets
  • Max Pressure: 250 bar
  • Engraving: it’ s possible to engrave customer company name or lt/bar
  • Cleaning of high pluvial columns
  • Building drainpipes, gutter


ET1 High Efficiency Nozzle 20°
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Rear jets
icona rear
Front jet
icona front
Dimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
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Diameter Pipe (mm)
icona diametro
New15110.05ET13/8"F6 Drilled1 - M6 x 625x290,4050 - 130
15110.01ET11/2"M6 Drilled1 Drilled25x310,6050 - 130
New15110.02ET11/2"F6 Drilled1 - M6 x 628x320,6550 - 130

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