Balanced Floor Cleaner Nozzles


Technical Features:

Most of its total weight is based  on its  bottom side, this feature permits to this heavy nozzle to do not reverse inside sewers. Due to its jets oriented on the downside of the pipe, Balanced nozzle  has a great capacity to  wash out obstructions and deposits.

  • Material: high quality steel alloy
  • Holes nr: see below schedule
  • Jets angle: 15°
  • Max Pressure: 250 bar
  • Note: in order to improve its performance use ceramic inserts and swivel joint.
  • Frequent bottom cleaning on big pipes
  • Deposits such as mud, sludge, limestone
  • Sand removal


Balanced Floor Cleaner Nozzles with Ceramic Inserts
Part n.DescriptionHose connection
icona hose
Rear jets
icona rear
Front jet
icona front
Dimension ØxL (mm)
icona dimensione
Weight (Kg)
icona peso
Diameter Pipe (mm)
icona diametro
12450.01C Balanced Ø110 1"F6 Inserts ¼"Meyebolt110x300  12 100 - 700
12450.02C Balanced Ø140  1"F6 Inserts ¼"Meyebolt140x380 25 180 - 1200
12451.02C Balanced Ø140 1"1/4" F6 Inserts ¼"Meyebolt140x380 25 180 - 1200
12450.03C  Balanced Ø160 1"F6 Inserts ¼"Meyebolt160x45031 250 - 1500
12451.03C Balanced Ø160  1"1/4" F6 Inserts ¼"Meyebolt160x45031 250 - 1500

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