Technical Features:

This nozzle is equipped with thrusting rear jets and central rotating jets which can uniformly and completely clean all pipes and drains walls.Rotating Nozzles are available with 4 interchangeable heads:Cover, Drilling, Carbide and Knives.

  • Material: polished tempered stainless/steel A420
  • Holes nr: 6 rear +4 central rotating jets
  • Jets angle: 35° rear jets,central rotating angle is different according to each model(see below schedule)
  • Max Pressure: 250 bar
  • Engraving: it’ s possible to engrave customer company name or lt/bar
  • Cleaning pipes completed obstructed by sand,compact soil, limestone (Drilling Head) or mineral deposit, concrete, gravel stones (Carbide Head)
  • Suitable for removing roots growth (Knives Head)

In order to extend nozzle life time and achieve the best cleaning result, we recommend to use it with centering guides and plunging it into a lubricating liquid after each use.

  • For   COVER     Head write “T”  after  part n. (ex.12530.04T)
  • For DRILLING   Head write “A”   after part n.  (ex.12530.04A)
  • For  CARBIDE   Head write “W”  after part n.  (ex.12530.04W)
  • For   KNIVES     Head write “C”   after part n.  (ex.12530.04C)
  • For  part ns. 12530.01/02 only available Cover, Drilling and Carbide Heads.